Haunted Halloween Heist

On a cold Halloween night, Jack, the notorious candy thief, was prowling about. It was said he had the nimblest fingers in town, and every bite-sized Snickers had reason to fear him.

This Halloween, Jack had set his sights on the haunted Jenkins Mansion. For years it had remained vacant, with piles of untouched candy left on the porch, along with stories of eerie noises and chilling whispers.

Summoning all his courage, Jack crept up the grand, groaning staircase. The door creaked open mysteriously, revealing a goldmine of candy. As he stuffed his sack, a hoarse voice caused his heart to leap.

“Thief,” it echoed. Jack, paralyzed with terror, turned to see a small, translucent figure.

Jack expected hostility, but instead, the ghost extended a hand, offering a large, candy-filled bowl. Baffled, he accepted, turning to leave as the ghost whispered, “Everyone always runs away, you are the first to stay.”

For all his sweet-tooth antics, Jack saved all the scare-stories from then on, for the new friend he made at the Jenkins mansion. And that, dear reader, is how Jack, the candy thief, became Jack, the ghost’s only Halloween buddy!