Haunted Harmony: The Birthday Surprise

Once upon a time in the tiny town of Terrance, where every day felt like Halloween, there lived an old recluse named Mr. Skeletony. Folks whispered of his haunted house, brimming with oddly enchanting and curious artifacts.

However, there was one artifact that had everyone’s attention – a gilded mirror rumored to house trapped spirits. Every year, on Halloween’s eerie night, these restless spirits were known to escape their reflection and roam the town causing chaos and mischief to anyone in their path.

The town’s trick-or-treaters had an unspoken rule – an eerie oath to never dare approach Mr. Skeletony’s mansion, especially on Halloween.

But this year, a new kid named Peter, dared to challenge the rule. Mustered by curiosity and an unshakable sense of adventure, Peter boldly approached the mansion. He made his way to the gilded mirror.

Just as the clock struck midnight, reflected in the mirror, Peter saw the spirits being released. He braced himself for the chaos. But, when the spirits got close to him, instead of causing mischief, they belted out an uncanny chorus of “Happy Birthday.”

For you see, Peter was a Halloween baby. And in Terrance, the birthday boy gets the best surprise; even if it comes from another realm!