Haunted Harvest: The Legend of Casper Hoggle

One crisp Halloween night, in a barely-lit, haphazard town known as Switch, all twelve of the town’s folks gathered for their annually anticipated pumpkin carving contest. The very house they kept the event in, ‘The Tumbledown Cottage’, had its own legend. It was said to be haunted by Casper Hoggle, the town’s founding father who, according to the lore, was quite disgruntled if the town’s excitement for Halloween ever dampened.

As the contest reached its climax, the room went eerily quiet. Each carver awaited the judgement of Mayor Crumble, an eccentric lady with a twisted sense of humour. Suddenly, all the candles began to flicker, causing light to dance upon the carved pumpkins. The townsfolk gasped. The door squeaked open and in came a carved pumpkin bobbling along, bearing no body even remotely close.

The room went quieter than a graveyard at midnight. Even Mayor Crumble’s jokes were hushed. The bobbling pumpkin then stopped at the judge’s desk. With a wicked smile, Mayor Crumble declared, “Looks like Casper Hoggle wins this year!” Proving once again, that in Switch, it’s not just the living who partake in Halloween fun!