Phantom at McMorgan Mansion: A Halloween Night Surprise

Once upon a spirited Halloween night, under an eerie moon, sat an ancient and crumbling mansion. In gloomy town folklore, the McMorgan Mansion was reputed to harbor a ghost, the ghastly remnants of old man McMorgan himself. The mansion’s haunted reputation threw a mantle of foreboding over all who dared approach.

Brave or foolish, a group of children decided to quash their fears and venture into McMorgan Mansion on Halloween night. As they skeptically roamed the mansion, creaking floorboards and whistling wind stirred up their terror.

The chilling silence was suddenly broken by an unearthly moan, making them leap with fear. From the murky darkness, a ghostly figure appeared, its white robe billowing eerily. It was McMorgan’s ghost, or was it?

With a shaky voice, the youngest cried out, “It’s just Mr. Dorsey, the town prankster, in his white laundry!” The ghostly figure unveiled itself to reveal, indeed, red-faced Mr. Dorsey, who admitted his harmless Halloween ruse, leaving both the children and the town to enjoy Halloween in peace.

And thus, the tale ends with a gentle warning: always be prepared for the surprises Halloween has up its ghostly sleeve. After all, in every town lurks a Mr. Dorsey, ready to give you a good scare!