Throwing a Classic 80s-Themed Halloween Party: The Halloween Junkie’s Ultimate Guide

Imagine you want to have the coolest Halloween party ever! This article will tell you how to make your party spooky, fun, and just like the 1980s. It’s filled with tips about what music from the 80s to play, what cool 80s costumes your friends should wear, and what type of retro snacks and candies to serve. This is your ultimate guide for a scream-tastic 80s themed Halloween party! Now, let’s get started, shall we?

Setting the Right Vibe

To make your Halloween party feel like it’s straight out of the 80s, you need to set the vibe right. You can do this by playing appropriate 80s music, arranging 80s lighting and lava lamps, having classic 80s movies play in the background, and putting up vintage 80s decorations.

Choosing Appropriate 80s Music

Pick songs that will take everyone back to the 80s. Go for pop, rock and disco music from this era. Think of artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Bon Jovi. But remember, choose songs that will be fun for everyone to dance to.

Arranging 80s Lighting and Lava Lamps

The 80s had some unique lighting trends. Think of bright neon lights and, of course, lava lamps. These lighting options will help in setting the mood right. Also, don’t forget to dim the lights a little to give a perfect party feel.

Classic 80s Movies Playing in the Background

Having classic 80s movies playing in the background will add a fun touch to your party. You can choose movies like ‘E.T,’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ or ‘Back to the Future.’ Just remember, these movies are just for background fun, and no one should be sitting and watching them!

Vintage 80s Decorations

Decorations are essential. Go for bright-colored streamers, neon signs, and posters of 80s movie stars or bands. Also, include some Halloween decorations like carved pumpkins and spooky cobwebs.


Let’s start with the invitations. They should also carry the 80s vibe.

Designing 80s-Themed Halloween Invites

Your invites should shout ’80s!’ Use bright neon colors and fun designs. You can include images of 80s items like cassette tapes, arcade games, or Rubik’s cubes.

Choosing Appropriate Wording for 80s Theme

Your invitation wording should also feel like it’s from the 80s. Use phrases like ‘Totally awesome 80s Halloween party’ or ‘Join us for a rad 80s throwback party.’ And don’t forget to mention ’80s costumes required!’

Sending Virtual or Physical Invitations

You can send physical or virtual invites. For physical ones, you can use 80s-themed Halloween stickers. For virtual ones, you can use online invite design tools. Just remember, the most important thing is that your guests receive and love them!

Throwing a Classic 80s-Themed Halloween Party: The Halloween Junkies Ultimate Guide

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Costume Ideas

It’s an 80s party, so, of course, everyone should come dressed in their best 80s outfits!

Popular 80s Film and TV Characters

Some people might want to dress up as characters from their favorite 80s films or TV shows. This can be fun because there are so many options! Some ideas include characters from ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ or ‘Indiana Jones.’

80s Fashion Trends as Costumes

If people don’t want to costume as characters, they can wear popular 80s fashion trends instead. This could be neon-colored clothes, leg warmers, big hair bands, and funky sunglasses.

DIY 80s Inspired Costumes

For those who love DIYs, creating an 80s inspired costume can be fun. It can be as simple as putting together key 80s fashion items or as detailed as recreating an iconic 80s celebrity outfit.

80s-Themed Entertainment

Keep your guests entertained with some 80s-themed activities.

Classic 80s Party Games

You can play classic 80s games like Pac-Man, rubix cube races, or have a dance-off to the most popular 80s songs.

Setting up a 80s Style Dance Floor

Set up a dance floor where everyone can groove to 80s music. You can use colorful disco lights and a fog machine to create a perfect 80s dance vibe.

Movie Marathons: Top Horror Flicks from the 80s

Why not have a mini-movie marathon? You can show the top horror flicks from the 80s. It’ll be a fun and spooky way to celebrate Halloween.

Throwing a Classic 80s-Themed Halloween Party: The Halloween Junkies Ultimate Guide

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Party Menu

Your food and drinks should also carry the 80s vibe.

Typical 80s Food Items

Go for food that was popular in the 80s. This can be things like pizza rolls, deviled eggs, or jello salads. You can even add some Halloween twist to these dishes.

Inspiring 80s Cocktail and Drink Recipes

Serve classic 80s cocktails like the ‘Fuzzy Navel’ or ‘Screwdriver.’ For youngsters, provide fun 80s inspired non-alcoholic drinks.

Creating Edible Halloween Special Treats

Make your treats Halloween special. This could be cookies in the shape of ghosts, cupcakes with Halloween decorations, or spooky gummy candies.

Setting the Table

Your table setting should also reflect the 80s theme.

Creating an 80s-Themed Halloween Centerpiece

Create a centerpiece that will catch everyone’s eyes. It can be something simple like a boombox surrounded by glow sticks. You can also add some Halloween items to it.

Choosing 80s Colours for Table Clothes and Napkins

Choose bright neon colors for your table clothes and napkins. This will make your table setting look fun and exciting.

80s-Inspired Table Setting Arrangements

Arrange your table in a way that reminds everyone of the 80s. This could be something simple like using records as placemats or arranging a centerpiece with an 80s theme.

Throwing a Classic 80s-Themed Halloween Party: The Halloween Junkies Ultimate Guide

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DIY 80s-Themed Decorations

You can also make your own 80s-themed Halloween decorations.

Creating 80s Inspired Banners

Make banners that have popular 80s catchphrases like ‘Radical,’ ‘Like totally,’ or ‘Gnarly.’ Hang these banners across your party venue.

DIY 80s-Themed Wall Decor

Create 80s-themed wall decor. You can hang posters of popular 80s bands, movie stars, or TV shows. You can also make giant Rubik’s cubes or cardboard cassette tapes.

Creating Spooky 80s-themed Halloween Decor

Make your Halloween decor 80s-themed. You can create a cardboard cut-out of a haunted arcade, or hang ghost-shaped neon lights.

Photo Booth Ideas

A photo booth is a great way for your guests to create some fun memories.

Setting up an 80s-Themed Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth that has an 80s theme. You can include a backdrop of a popular 80s movie scene, or a graffiti-filled wall with bright neon colors.

Props for the 80s Photo-booth

Provide 80s-themed props. These can be items like big glasses, crazy wigs, or giant boomboxes. Don’t forget to add some Halloween props to the mix too!

Capturing the Best Memories

Having your friends and family take pictures at the photo booth can be the best part of your party. Everyone will enjoy getting their pictures taken and sharing them later. It’ll be a great way for everyone to remember their fun time at your party!

Party Playlist

Your party playlist should be full of 80s music.

Top Hits of the 80s

Include the top hits from the 80s in your playlist. Songs from artists like Prince, Whitney Houston, and Duran Duran can keep everyone dancing all night!

Horror Movie Sound Tracks from the 80s

Add soundtracks from popular 80s horror movies to your playlist. This will add a spooky touch to your Halloween party.

Mixing Contemporary Music with Classics

You can also mix in some contemporary music with the 80s hits. This way, you can cater to everyone’s music tastes.

The Halloween Junkie Take

Throwing a classic 80s party is a rad way to celebrate Halloween. Not only do you get to dress up in fun costumes, but you also get to relive your favorite 80s memories through music, movies, and games. Plus, there’s nothing more fun than dancing to 80s music on a jam-packed dance floor with your friends and family!

Remember, the fun of a throwback party is not only in the costumes or music, but also in the versatility and playfulness of the theme. From DIY 80s inspired costumes to grooving to popular 80s hits, your party will for sure have something for everyone.

Throwing this party also lets us understand the nostalgia of the 80s aesthetic. It was an era full of vibrant colors, bold patterns, and iconic fashion. By bringing it back, even if it’s just for a night, we’re not only celebrating Halloween but also celebrating a decade that had a significant influence on our culture. So, like totally have an awesome 80s-themed Halloween party, guys!

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