The Brave Knight’s Sweet Victory

Young Timmy eagerly waited all year for his favorite holiday: Halloween. Each year, he’d bravely venture through the haunted house on Dead End Avenue, facing ghosts, ghouls, and the formidable Candy Monstrosity.

Yet, this Halloween was going to be different. Timmy decided he was going to defeat the Candy Monstrosity to gain the ultimate prize: the Everlasting Pumpkin Treat. Dressing up as a fearsome knight, Timmy crossed the ghoulishly decorated avenue, fear stalking him like a shadow.

He entered the haunted house with a gulp. Awful groans echoed through the dilapidated manor. When he finally confronted the Candy Monstrosity, it scoffed, “What’s your weapon, boy?” Timmy, pulling out his plastic sword, declared, “My bravery!” The room fell into a derisive laughter.

Undeterred, Timmy charged forth. But to his surprise, instead of fighting, the Candy Monstrosity extended a hand, offering the Everlasting Pumpkin Treat. “Bravery, rather than bitter rivalry, earns you the ultimate prize.”

With a skip in his step and a treat in his bag, Timmy left, leaving the monsters in awe. For, this Halloween, the real monster was not the Candy Monstrosity, but the resilient bravery of a little boy!