“The Dance of the Friendly Boos: A Halloween Tale from Owl Hoot”

It was Halloween night in the small sleepy town of Owl Hoot. Little Timmy, the town’s notorious scaredy-cat, was dared to knock on the door of the old decaying Abernathy Mansion – rumoured to be haunted.

Fighting the trembles, he slowly climbed the creaky steps and gave three timid knocks. To his surprise, the door slowly creaked open. Trying to silence the thumping in his chest, he walked in, following a faint sound that seemed like the distant sound of strings. It came from the grand ballroom, filled with ghostly apparitions dancing to music played by a spectral band.

Overcoming his fear, Timmy approached an apparition, tapped her on the shoulder and asked her, ‘Why are you here?’ The ghostly figure turned, looked him in the eyes and replied, ‘We’ve been waiting for someone to dance with. Would you join us?’

Timmy hesitated for a moment then laughed, ‘Why not?’ He thought, ‘It’s not every Halloween that you get to dance with a room full of ghosts.’ In that instant, the entire room burst into applause. And so it was, that Timmy, the biggest scaredy-cat, ended up as the life of the town’s otherworldly party.

The surprise? Halloween in Owl Hoot was never boring again, because when you knocked on Abernathy Mansion’s door you got to dance with some very friendly boos!