The Enchanted Deliveries

Once upon a moonlit Halloween night, a young witch named Penelope pedaled her broomstick through the swirling gusts above the town, a pumpkin basket full of enchanted candies swaying with her.

She descended onto a peculiar house at the end of the lane. Eyeing the creaky swings, cobwebbed porch and flickering lights, Penny winced but resolved to make her delivery. After all, every house deserved Halloween cheer, right?

Penny rang the old brass bell and waited. A banshee-like wail echoed. “Trick or treat,” Penny squeaked as the door creaked open revealing a hulking, hooded figure. Too late, she recognized the haunted house where, rumor had it, a monster lived alone.

The figure stared, not saying a word. Penny nervously reached into her basket pulling out a candy, dropping it into the figure’s bowl with a trembling hand. Then, to her surprise, the figure, too, extended a shaky hand, offering her a candy!

Penny gasped as the hood fell back, revealing not a monster, but a friendly old lady! It turned out, the lady was just too shy to leave her house for the town’s festivities. From that night on, the haunted house wasn’t so haunted, and the shy old lady wasn’t so alone. As Penelope always said, “On Halloween night, expect more treats than tricks!”