“The Enigmatic Legend of the Travelling Halloween Pumpkin”

Have you ever heard of the Travelling Halloween? It’s a tale that makes children squeal with pleasure and grown-ups chuckle with delight. Once a year, under the mischievous glow of the moon, a charming pumpkin named Jack, no larger than a cat, sprouts orange wings and takes on the quest of spreading Halloween cheer.

On his magical journey, Jack leaves goodies of witches’ fingers (cleverly shaped cookies), chocolatey black cats and eyeball gumdrops in secret places for children to discover. Unknown to many, he also adorns homes with ghostly silhouettes and glowing lanterns to keep the Halloween spirit alive.

But one eerie Halloween night, Jack went missing. Children woke to a Halloween that was oddly muted, their goodies nowhere to be found. Worries swirled, had Jack met a ghastly end? Had the magic of the Travelling Halloween finally frayed?

The next Halloween, as the moon peeked its ethereal face, a chorus of gasps filled the air. Amidst the familiar ghostly silhouettes and sparkling lanterns stood Jack, proudly, a tad larger now, with wings brilliant as ever. The children jumped with joy, and oh! Their goodies? They were tucked safely in their beds!

And thus, dear reader, the secret of the Travelling Halloween was revealed. Each year Jack takes a gap year to grow, to return the next year with more goodies and endless Halloween cheer!