“The Eternal Feast: Mrs. Frightly’s Ghastly Goulash”

Once upon a spirited Halloween, in the small town of Spooksville, lived an elderly lady named Mrs. Frightly. Amongst town folks, she was famed for hosting the top-notch Halloween feast every year. However, there was always an eerie thing about her; she never aged, looked the same as she did thirty years ago!

This year, Mrs. Frightly prepared her lip-smacking pumpkin pies and creepy candy spiders, living up to Spooksville’s expectations. Everyone relished, yet wondered about the secret to her everlasting youth.

At the height of the event, little Timmy couldn’t hold back his curiosity. “Mrs. Frightly! What’s your secret?” he popped the question that was on everyone’s minds.

A playful ripple echoed around the room. Mrs. Frightly cackled, took an old-looking vial from her apron, the glistening liquid inside seemed to emit a soft glow, “My secret, dear Timmy, is this: GHOSTLY GHOULASH!”

The entire room froze, eyes wide-open. She added, laughing delightfully, “Happy Halloween, it’s just my grandma’s recipe for butternut squash soup!”

This Halloween, Spooksville learned that the only thing haunting them was their own imagination and it seemed, Mrs. Frightly’s secret to youth was served nightly in bowls – not just on Halloween!