The Frightful Trickery in Agnes’ Haunted Cave

“On a crisp Halloween night, a brave boy named Timmy, decided to explore the spooky cave at the end of his street. It was said to be haunted by a grouchy old witch named Agnes.

Wrapped in a shivering ball of fear yet bravery, taking only a flashlight, he ventured into the heart of the cave. Twisty, spiky stalactites loomed overhead and a faint ghostly cackle echoed around him.

After what seemed like forever, he saw a flickering yellow light ahead. It led him to a shadowy room. In the middle was a looming figure with a bent-over back, stirring a pot.

“Ah, Timmy,” Agnes cackled, not looking up from her pot. “Expecting to find a witch tonight?”

Timmy froze, heart pounding. Suddenly, Agnes turned around, but instead of a witch, she was his smiling teacher, Ms. Johnson with a bowl of Halloween candy. As it turned out, she loved Halloween as much as he did and decided to play a little trick of her own.

With a chuckle, Timmy took a candy and grinned, ‘Even witches know, that on Halloween, tricks and treats go hand in hand.’