The Ghostly Generosity of Granny Wicket

Once upon a time, in the shadowed corner of Tinglebrook town, stood the rickety house of Granny Wicket, shrouded in whispers of eerie existence and Halloween tales. No soul ever dared to approach her stained cobweb door, especially at Halloween. However, this time, three thrill-chasing kids, Ben, Sam, and Lily, decided to challenge the town’s tradition.

On the stroke of midnight, under an onyx sky studded with twinkling stars, they knocked at the spooky door. As it creaked open, they gulped nervously, and before them appeared a hunched figure, Granny Wicket. Startled by her ghastly appearance, they handed over their trick-or-treat buckets. With a mischievous twinkle in her eye, she filled their buckets to the brim with their favorite candies.

To their surprise, Granny Wicket was not petrifying but rather a sweet, misunderstood old lady, who actually loved Halloween and was eager to share her candies. From then on, Granny Wicket’s house became the most sought-after stop in Tinglebrook’s Halloween trail. An enchanting revelation concluded this Halloween, reminding everyone, “Never judge a house by its ghoulish appearance!”