“The Halloween Pies of Witch Selma: A Spooky Surprise in Gloomville”

Once upon a time, in a sleepy town named Gloomville, every Halloween, weird and creepy things happened. The townsfolk all agreed it was the work of the old Witch Selma.

In an ancient, creaky house, on the outskirts of Gloomville lived Selma, rumored to be a witch. Her specialty? Baking mouth-wateringly delicious pumpkin pies that vanished as mysteriously as they appeared.

This Halloween, little Annie, brave and curious, decided to investigate the mystery of the pie’s disappearance. Equipped with her flashlight and a zany Halloween mask, she sneaked into Selma’s house.

Annie tiptoed past eerie portraits, spider-webs, and odd objects till she reached Selma’s kitchen. Her heart pounding, she hid behind a chair, spying a freshly baked pie on the table.

Jangling chains broke the silence. Annie jumped! It was Selma, with two ghostly figures floating behind her. Annie trembled, gasping as Selma lifted the pie and…..fed the ghosts! The ghost gobbled the pie, happily wagging their tails. They weren’t ghosts after all, but Selma’s friendly puppies, Boo and Hoo, draped in white blankets.

Scared no more and giggling, Annie jumped out shouting, ‘Happy Halloween, Selma! Hey, can I get a bite too?’ The biggest fright in Gloomville was after all, a Halloween pastry delight!