The Haunted Cobbler’s Candy Surprise

Underneath a Halloween moon, in the town of Jangles, there was a house so haunted, even the ghosts were scared to enter. “The Yeekhouse” as it was known, stood alone, its walls screeching with stories of wicked witches and ghastly ghouls.

Local legend whispered about Old Tom, a cobbler who resided there years ago. One Halloween night, he mysteriously disappeared, and ever since, ghastly echoes of his last frightful scream were said to reverberate from the house on All Hallows’ Eve.

This year, a courageous kid named Billy decided to explore the Yeekhouse. He approached, a carved pumpkin in his trembling hands, his heart pounding like a witch’s drum. He pushed the squeaky gate; when he was about to tap the knocker, he heard the ominous creaking echo. It was Tom’s haunting scream!

Summoning his courage, Billy knocked thrice on the ancient wooden door. He barely finished knocking when the door cracked open, and out stepped… a cheerful man in a cobbler’s apron, carrying a tray of candy-filled shoes!

“Happy Halloween!” exclaimed the man. “I’m Tom. Got lost in my shoe cupboard years ago. Would you like some candy, son?”

And that’s how Billy discovered that the scariest ghost in all of Jangles was really just misunderstood, and made an unexpected, sweet-toothed friend on Halloween night.