The Haunted Costumes of Millington Mansion

Once upon a Halloween eve, a silly little ghost named Bolt floated around Millington Mansion, famed for its eerie charm. He absolutely abhorred his bland wardrobe, dreaming of colorful, flamboyant outfits!

Wistfully, he admired the trick-or-treaters passing by, their costumes vibrant and delightful. Suddenly, an idea sparked! Bolt decided to steal a costume and join the trick-or-treaters. He whizzed into a throng of children and snagged a pirate costume.

Elated, he donned his new attire, feeling quite fetching. He cavorted amid the children, laughter echoing around him. In his innocent play, he forgot one tiny detail: ghosts disappear at sunrise.

As the first rays of dawn beamed over Millington Mansion, Bolt felt himself fading. “Wait!” he wailed, but it was too late. He vanished, leaving the pirate costume behind.

The unsuspecting children gasped as the costume fell down. They giddily decided it was a parting Halloween miracle and split the candy they’d collected with the mysterious “invisible pirate.”

On many Halloween evenings hence, a pirate costume was often found, filled with treats. Rumor had it that it was Millington’s resident ghost, generous with sharing his spoils. But Bolt, back in his dreary mansion chambers, only chuckled. His secret love for Halloween remained safely invisible!