“The Haunted Parrot of Pumpkinville”

Once a year, on the eve of October 31st, Pumpkinville turned not into a ghost town but rather a ghostly town. It was the time when spirits would rise from their graves, witches gathered, and black cats pranced about.

In the heart of Pumpkinville was a haunted mansion, infamous for its frightful inhabitant – Mrs. Kettle, a spinster who had met an early demise in some mysteriously spooky way.

This particular Halloween, a courageous little fellow named Timmy decided to step foot into this maison of horror. Armed with just a small pumpkin lantern, he cautiously progressed, shaking more than the cobwebs in the corners.

He ventured into Mrs. Kettle’s dusty chamber. Suddenly, an eerie voice whispered, “Who dares to invade my peace?”. Quick as a whip, Timmy held up his lantern which flickered to life, casting a jagged shadow.

To Timmy’s sheer surprise, it wasn’t the ghost of Mrs. Kettle, but a talking white parrot with an affection for dramatic entrances! Mrs. Kettle had been a bird trainer, and her favorite parrot had been entertaining himself by spooking the townsfolk ever since she passed away.

And that’s how Timmy uncovered the true ‘spirit’ of Pumpkinville’s haunted mansion, leading to the happiest – and least haunting – Halloween Pumpkinville had ever known!