The Haunting Aroma of Pumpkin Pie

  There was an old creaky house that everyone in the small town of Parker’s Hollow avoided. It was said to be haunted by old Mrs. Herring, who in her life was an avid baker.

  Every Halloween night, the smell of her delicious pumpkin pie filled the air. This intrigued a group of brave kids: Sammy, Max, and Olivia. They made a bet – the one who didn’t run away frightened, gets all the Halloween candy.

  So, armed with flashlights and courage, they crept to the house. The smell of pumpkin pie was stronger than ever. As they neared the old kitchen, they heard a sound that froze their chills – the rattling of pans! Suddenly, they spotted a shadowy figure in the corner.

  With a terrified yelp, Max bolted, while Olivia and Sammy trembled. Seeing their fear, the figure stepped into the light, revealing not a ghost, but old Mr. Herring, standing there with a freshly baked pumpkin pie!

  “Scared a flock of kids each Halloween, I have,” he chuckled, cutting a slice for the remaining brave ones, “and every time, I save on candy and gain the joy of sharing my late wife’s recipe.”