The Haunting Muffin Mystery

Every Halloween, sage old Granny Smith baked pumpkin muffins to distribute among the town’s children. The curious thing was, for a town of twenty kids, she always baked only nineteen muffins.

Jack, a brave kid, bravely asked Granny once about the missing muffin. Granny winked and said, “That’s for the lonely ghost, my dear.”

One Halloween, Jack decided to stay up to see this ‘lonely ghost’. As the clock struck midnight, he saw a muffin lift off the tray and float out into the graveyard next door.

With a spine of steel, Jack followed the hovering muffin into the graveyard to the oldest tomb – ‘The Lonely Tomb’.

Like clockwork, the muffin made its way to the tomb then vanished. Jack heard soft munching sounds, but saw nothing more.

The next day, Jack went to Granny, who asked, “Did you see the lonely ghost?”

Jack nodded, looking perplexed. Granny then chuckled, pulling off a camouflaged mask shed been wearing, revealing she was the ghost all along.

So, it was Granny Smith who invisibly ate the twentieth muffin every Halloween, creating the famous ghost story in town.