“The Haunting of Mulberry Lane: A Halloween Night Trick”

In the upbeat town of Sunnyville, there was a peculiar house that stood alone on Mulberry Lane. It was Halloween night when three childhood friends dared to explore it.

Billy, with his cloak festooned in skeleton pattern, Sam, shimmering in her witch attire, and Jimmy, all painted green with fake bolts on his neck, triumphantly crossed the threshold of the touted haunted house.

Inside, it was ordinary. Old dusted furniture while cobwebs hung on each corner. Then they heard the hauntingly melodic ‘ding dong’. A grandfather clock they hadn’t noticed was now striking midnight.

Suddenly, they witnessed pumpkins morphing into grinning jack-o-lanterns, broomsticks floating ethereally, and most alarming, a ghostly white figure appeared before them, seemingly dancing!

The experienced scared the living daylights out of them. As they dashed towards the exit, the white ghostly figure boomed, “Every Halloween, the inanimate comes alive in here!”

Chasing their echoes, fear pushed them out the door and they sprinted away while the ghostly figure continued his happy, Halloween night jig. As they reached safety, the white figure removed his mask to reveal their friend Tommy, who couldn’t join them earlier. “Gotcha!” laughed Tommy, unfolding his most successful Halloween trick. The haunted house was just his uncle’s place with a bit of extra flair.