The Haunting of Sleepyville Candy Shop

Dear Reader, welcome. Our tale takes us to the Sleepyville Candy Shop, on a chilly Halloween night, where Sam, the shop owner, was busy preparing candy bags for the trick-or-treaters.

Tomorrow was the big day, Halloween, but Sam couldn’t shake off a nagging feeling. He had been warned, the shop he had just inherited from old man Jenkins, had a history of peculiar happenings on All Hallow’s Eve.

Laughing it off, he continued his work, until, from the corner of his eye, he saw a candy bag floating in midair. Startled, he watched as it gently landed back on the counter.

Frightened, yet curious, Sam slowly reached out his hand and gasped when a ghostly hand slipped out a silver coin from under the bag. A payment, he realized, from a customer unable to hold the bag.

Suppressing a nervy chuckle, Sam decided to remain open all night, serving candy to his new, ghostly clientele. It was a sight to behold, bags after bags of candy floating out into the night.

That was the day Sleepyville Candy Shop earned its unique fame and the next day, Sam happily invested his ghostly earnings in more candy. After all, no rule says, ‘Only the living shall trick or treat’.

The tale of Sam and his haunted Candy Shop reminds us to embrace the unexpected, especially when it pays in silver coins, eh? Happy Halloween, brave reader!