The Haunting Revelry of Eldritch Manor

Every Halloween, the Eldritch Manor, restive and lonely, manifested ghostly visions of its bygone years. An ancient house, it rested on Pumpkin Lane, where, on the All Hallow’s Eve, children dared each other to knock on its creaking door and often returned pale-faced with stories of whispers and apparitions.

This Halloween was no different. Little Elliot, with his heart thumping, took the dare. He tiptoed past the moss-covered path, up to the weathered door, and knocked. A spectral servant responded, his ghastly glow made Elliot’s skeleton costume seem cutesy. Yet, being a brave boy, Elliot stayed, and the phantom led him through grand, cobwebbed halls to an ancient room.

In the chamber was a massive pumpkin, its sinister grin reflected in the hollow eyes of the room’s sole occupant, “The Pumpkin King”. Hesitant, Elliot approached. The King gave Elliot a task – “Dance!”

Exited, Elliot began dancing clumsily, and as he did, the room filled with spectral laughter not of malice but amusement. The King was cackling hardest of all. Suddenly, he lifted his gourd-head revealing an old man underneath, ‘Old Uncle Humphrey’, a notorious prankster in town.

This Halloween, the king of scares was not the Pumpkin King, but our cheeky uncle, winning yet another Halloween!