The Magical Surprises of Mabel’s Pumpkin Patch

Once, in the tiny town of Spooksville, there lived a grumpy, old witch named Mabel. Now Mabel wasn’t your typical broomstick-riding, cackling type. No, she was more the mysterious, prune-eating, garden-growing variety.

The townsfolk loved Halloween, but every year they were puzzled. Their intricately carved pumpkins would disappear from their porches and end up, of all places, in Mabel’s impressive vegetable patch!

One midnight, young Billy, the bravest of the Spooksville kids, snuck out to spy. He climbed Mabel’s crooked fence, peeked through the undergrowth, and what he saw surprised him.

Mabel wasn’t stealing pumpkins, but their seeds! She was talking to them, like they were her children, lovingly planting them into the soil, cheering them on to grow.

On the very next Halloween, Spooksville had a surprise. When the sun set, the entire town’s pumpkin patch lit up, revealing the most fantastic, glowing pumpkins anyone had ever seen, all carved with the gentle loving face of good-ol’ Mabel.

From that day forward, on every Halloween night, Mabel’s pumpkin patch lit up the town. And Yes, Spooksville learned that even a grumpy, old witch can create a magical surprise.