The Mint Candy Manor Mystery

Once upon a Halloween night, in the sleepy town of Tractorville, an ancient manor sat gloomily at the town’s edge. Each Halloween, a soft wailing wafted from the manor, believed to be the ghost of Granny Tilda, a kindly old woman who once lived there.

As a tradition, every Halloween, a daredevil was prompted by the town’s people to approach the manor and face the chilling screams; one year, a young lad, Jack, accepted this audacious challenge.

As the first wail echoed from the manor, he ascended the creaky stairs, clutching a bag of Granny Tilda’s favorite mint candies, a tip from the town’s eldest.

Reaching the top, Jack hesitated, then bravely poured the candies into a dusty bowl. Instantly, the wailing stopped. Surprised, he spun around to meet the smiling specter of Granny Tilda, who thanked him for remembering her fondness for mint candies.

It turned out Granny Tilda had been trying to remind everyone about mint candies she missed terribly, not haunting the manor!

So, remember folks, not all hauntings are supposed to scare you; some just need mint candies!