The Pumpkin’s Midnight Mischief

Once upon a time, in a quiet town named Creepston, lived a man named Ben. Now, Ben had a unusual job, he was a professional jack-o’-lantern carver. His creations were the highlight of every Halloween.

This year, he had high expectations to meet. A giant pumpkin sat in Ben’s workshop – round and perfectly orange. It was rumored to have come from the haunted Pumpkin Patch. Undeterred by the rumors, Ben welcomed the challenge.

Hours turned into days as he tirelessly worked on carving the pumpkin. The night before Halloween, it was ready – the most terrible, frightful jack-o’-lantern Creepston had ever seen.

With a proud smile, Ben closed his workshop and went to bed. Midnight struck, and his creation came to life. It growled, its flickering eyes looked around, and it left the workshop, scaring the inhabitants of Creepston, fulfilling its haunted prophecy.

The next morning, the town was in chaos. Amongst the commotion, the creation returned to the workshop. Ben opened the door and his jaw dropped. His creation, apparently satisfied with its night of terror, sat in exactly the same place it was carved.

The twist? Amidst the fear and shock in Creepston, no one noticed that every single candy in town had disappeared. The haunted jack-o’-lantern had just wanted a Halloween treat!