The Spooktacular Showdown

The Spooktacular Showdown - A Halloween Short Story by
The Spooktacular Showdown – A Halloween Short Story by

On an eerie Halloween night, in the peculiar town of Bumpkin Hollow – where shadows danced like mischievous imps – two rival witches, Agatha and Esmeralda, decided to host competing Halloween parties.

Agatha, a spritely enchantress, conjured a haunted house that echoed with ghostly laughs and clinking chains. The invited ghouls and goblins eagerly descended upon her graveyard-inspired yard, thrilled by her disgraceful decorations and gory games.

Across town, Esmeralda, no less anxious for a successful shindig, crafted an enchanted pumpkin patch, with glowing jack-o-lanterns bobbing in mid-air like ethereal jellyfish. Murderous mummies and vampiric varmints poured into Esmeralda’s patch, eager for her disturbing delicacies and fearful festivity.

Throughout the night, a spectral scorekeeper bobbed between the two parties, tallying the screams of delighted terror and deciding the victorious witch. As dawn approached, both witches stood expectantly at their front porches.

Suddenly, the Spectral Judge materialized, briefly illuminating the pre-dawn gloom with an unholy radiance. “You both lost!” He announced with a ghoulish grin.

“But how?” they gasped, incredulous.

“Seems nobody remembered to scare Tom the gravedigger!” He chuckled, disappearing into the mist. And with that, the fiercest, yet forgotten competitor, Tom stood chuckling in the graveyard, finally claiming his title for organising the most spooktacular Halloween!