The Witching Hour on Maple Street

Once upon a spirited Halloween night, the ol’ bricked manor on Maple Street throbbed menacingly under a full moon’s gaze. A dim, flickering light illuminated its attic room, a beacon signalling mysteries unknown.

The town’s daredevil, young Timmy, mustered the courage to unravel the manor’s secrets. The rusty gates creaked open, a sinister welcome. Biting down his fear, Timmy ventured in.

Each footstep echoed in this fortress of forgotten time, as the shadows wavered, as though acknowledging his arrival. Suddenly, the grand staircase made a dreadful groan, and before him appeared the manor’s bewitching keeper!

A ghostly apparition. Pale and silver, flowing robes sublime. Misty eyes, but staring right at him!

“Why have you entered my domain?” it demanded, arm outstretched, pointing to the front door like his mother when cross.

Timmy, trembling, froze. Fears befitting his tender age bubbled to his throat. Looking into those pleading eyes, he mustered, “Trick or Treat?”

The house echoed with ethereal guffaws, as a bucket of candy flew towards him.

“Timmy, you twerp, you really got me!” boomed his big sister. Disguised as the ghost, she’d pulled a Halloween prank!

So folks, the next time Halloween’s full moon gazes upon Maple Street, beware… of pranking siblings with a dramatic flair!