Title: “Boo’s Halloween Haunt: A Playful Library Ghost’s Biggest Prank”

One chilly Halloween night in the small town of Haversham, a prank-loving ghost named Boo haunted the beloved town library. Boo wasn’t menacing or scary, just a harmless specter with a penchant for mischief. For years, he had entertained himself by misplacing books and making lights flicker. But, this Halloween, he planned his biggest prank yet.

People arrived at the library for the annual Halloween party, unaware of Boo’s plan. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and a spooky figure appeared – the Ghost of Librarian Past! Everyone was aghast and fright filled the room. The figure wafted towards a tattered copy of “Gone with the Wind” placed on the central podium.

With a swift movement, the figure ripped out the last page of the book, triggering gasps among the gathered crowd. Suddenly, laughter boomed through the room. The figure removed its hood, revealing not a ghost, but the town’s jokester, Bronco Billy, smiling mischievously.

Everyone groaned, but their groans soon turned to laughter. Even Boo couldn’t help but laugh at his failed prank, grateful to be in on the joke for once. And that’s how Haversham Halloween’s greatest prank turned out to be not a bang, but a Boo!