Title: “The Glowing Family Portrait: A Halloween Trick or Treat Tale”

On a night as murky as a witch’s brew, Billy found himself home alone. Candy-filled pumpkin baskets were poised at the ready, but there wasn’t a soul in sight to munch on the sweets. Silence surrounded him like a thick, oppressive fog.

From the corner of his vision, he spotted a flicker. The old family portrait of his great grandparents was glowing! Billy edged closer, his heart pounding like a drum in his chest, a chorus of eerie whispers filling his ears: ‘Turn back, Billy.”

But Billy was a brave little boy, fear was a word that was missing in his vocabulary. He squinted at the portrait. The figures were moving! Eyes wide, Billy could see his great grandparents snickering at him and urging him to join their candy filled party in the portrait. The whispers were inviting, not scary anymore.

He reached out to the portrait, fingers trembling. But before he could touch it, his parents flipped on the lights, shattering the enchanting spell. There stood his mom, dad and even his pesky little sister with a chocolate smeared face, all laughing together. The mystery of the glowing portrait? Just a creative Halloween prank by his tech-savvy dad.

And the scariest part of the night ended up being his sister’s emerging sugar rush. In the end, no haunted portrait could compare with that terror!