Title: “The Haunted House of Sweet Surprises”

Once upon a time, in the town of Nellis, there lived a grumpy old man named Henry. He lived alone in a shabby, eerie house at the end of the street. Kids in the neighborhood would dare each other to knock on his door, especially during Halloween. The goal was simple – knock, run, and live to tell the tale.

Every Halloween, the bravest amongst the kids would take up the ‘Henry Challenge’. This year, it was little Tommy. Tommy, with his eyes fixed on the decaying door, inched forward under the glow of a lone streetlight. He knocked twice, paused, and then gave a final thump, followed by the screech of old rusty door hinges.

Creaking open the door was Henry, his eyes glowing eerily. Tommy was gripped by sheer terror but, gathering some courage, he managed to stutter “Trick…or…Treat?”. Henry chuckled, his laughter echoing around the desolate street.

Then, quite unexpectedly, instead of ferocious roar or a ghostly curse, Henry offered Tommy a humongous, juicy candy apple. Tommy beamed. Since then, Henry became the most sought-after house for ‘tricks or treats’, proving true the old adage: “Never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a house by its eerie aura.”