Title: “The Haunting of Creepy Hill: A Birthday Surprise”

On a misty Halloween night, in the sleepy town of Mirwood, an old mansion sat on top of Creepy Hill. People called it, “The Claw House”, for every full moon, a ghastly claw would appear from the chimney.

Young Tommy was never afraid of Claw House; on the contrary, he saw it as a thrilling adventure. This Halloween, Tommy decided to venture into the house, armed only with his flashlight and youthful courage.

As he stepped inside, gusty winds slammed the door shut, making Tommy jump. He tiptoed through, his flashlight flickering around the ancient furniture and eerie portraits. He could here deep moans, rustling chains, but he pressed on.

Unshaken, he reached the top of the mansion. There by a cold fireplace, he spotted a massive claw, creeping out from the chimney. He gasped, but his adventurer’s spirit didn’t falter. With one quick move, he tugged at the claw.

And then, all at once, confetti burst out from the claw. Loud music filled the air, lights flashed, and the entire town of Mirwood appeared. “SURPRISE!” they shouted. For the claw was merely a prop for Tommy’s surprise birthday party. The haunted Claw House was haunted no more, just the coolest party venue Mirwood had ever seen!