Title: “The Sweet Surprise at Old Lady Marley’s House”

On Halloween night, in the quiet town of Harvestville, lived Old Lady Marley. Known for her eccentric sticks-to-herself lifestyle, kids created spine-chilling stories about her. As the kids dared each other to knock on her door, I, young Billy with shaking hands, decided to take the challenge.

Hesitant, I slowly walked towards her saltbox house, paint peeling off and creaky fences adding to the eeriness. Taking a deep breath, I knocked, expecting the grim reaper to answer. Instead, Old Lady Marley did, wearing her usual plaid dress and a warm smile.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Billy,” she said, making me almost jump out of my skin. Not from fear, but surprise. “Oh, don’t be scared, child. It’s just that over the years, I have developed a knack for predicting my first visitor every Halloween.”

She handed me a huge bag of assorted candies, a gift for my bravery, I guessed. Walking back, bag in hand, I wore the biggest smile, breaking the bone-chilling myth about Old Lady Marley. From that day on, the scariest house in Harvestville became our favorite Halloween candy shop.

So remember kids, sometimes, the thing you fear the most, might be hiding the sweetest treat!