Title: “Wobbling Wanda’s Halloween Havoc: A Tidy Trick or Treat”

Once upon a time, on a chilly and spooky Halloween night, ten-year-old Sally dared to keep her bedroom window open. Despite the swirling gusts of wind and the silhouette of a grinning pumpkin outside, she wanted to prove her courage to her big brother and his pesky friends.

Rumor had it that every Halloween, a mischievous spirit named Wobbling Wanda visited open windows, juggling toys, turning furniture upside down, and causing fun-loving chaos before disappearing with the dawn.

As the moon claimed the sky, Sally heard soft giggles and clattering objects. She tiptoed downstairs to find her home turned into a wild playroom. Chairs stacked like towers, picture frames floating on the ceiling, and cushions twirling around like ballet dancers.

The chaotic scene was a supernatural wonder and, to her surprise, Sally found herself laughing. Just then, she caught a wisp of Wanda, a shimmering, playful spirit performing pirouettes in mid-air.

With the first light of the dawn, Wanda, the sparkle in her eyes, and the army of levitated furniture vanished. Sally celebrated her victory and the unforgettable Halloween night with a wide grin. Yet, the real surprise unveiled itself when her brother walked in, his jaw dropping at the sight of the exceptionally clean room. “Wait, you tidied up?” he stammered, eyes wide in horror.

And that’s the story of how Sally turned Wanda’s annual chaos into the scariest Halloween surprise for her easygoing brother, the torture of a spotlessly clean room.