Whispers of Oakwood Manor

Every Halloween, the old Oakwood Manor shivered with anticipation, as it prepared to host the unseen.

Tommy, the bravest seven-year-old on Oak Street, would always peek from his window, hoping to solve the Manor’s mystery. This year, he gathered all his courage and decided to enter, ignoring the tales of the grumpy ghost that lived there.

Stepping nervously inside, he was greeted by a chilling wind and eerie whispers. Then, a chilling voice was heard, “Who dares challenge the grumpy ghost?!” Tommy shouted back, “It’s Tommy from Oak Street!” Silence followed. He held his breath.

Suddenly, from the darkness, emerged a tall ghostly figure glaring at Tommy. “Monster!” Tommy shivered. “I want my treasure… candies!”, the ghost shouted. Tommy, trembling, reached into his Halloween bag and handed over his candies.

With a savoring groan, the ghost began eating the candy. Just then, a smile spread across its ghostly face. It was no longer the grumpy ghost from the old tales. This was a candy-loving ghost from Oakwood Manor.

And so, every Halloween, Tommy from Oak Street no longer dared the ghost, instead, he made a new, unexpected friend, bringing his candy-loving ghost new candy delights from his Halloween haul.