Haunted Harmonies

On a chilly Halloween night, right in the heart of the small town of Pumpkinville, sat the ancient manor of old lady Hester. Her home was known as the infamous haunted house, a yearly spectacle for the daring souls. This particular year, a group of courageous children decided to explore the dilapidated building, each one vying to be called the bravest.

Clad in their scariest costumes and fueled by adrenaline, the children tiptoed through the dark, eerie house. Cobwebs brushing their faces and floorboards creaking underfoot, their heartbeats echoed in the silence. Suddenly, a shrill scream echoed through the mansion. One by one, they all turned tail and bolted out the door, hearts pounding— all except a young lad, Tommy.

He mustered the courage to step further into the shadow, discovering the source of the scream was nothing more than a tricky cat stepping on an old, rusty toy horn. Turning back, he chuckled, realizing he was the last one standing and hence, the proclaimed bravest one out of his friends.

Tommy exited Hester’s house with a wide grin. Oh, how his friends would jump in horror when they discovered the new “ghost” in town was their very own Tommy!