The Enchanted Harvest: A Haunting Halloween Tale

Once upon a chilly October night, in the quaint town of Widdlyboop, there lived a bashfully bizarre baker, known as Bertrand. He was as famous for his devilish delicious pastries as much as he was infamous for his rickety old bakery that oddly resembled a haunted house. This Halloween, as tradition, he promised the town a spectacle they’d remember for lifetimes – a Halloween Pumpkin Bread that was rumored to be magical.

Strangely though, every Halloween, each person who bit into Bertrand’s bread saw enchanting, bright colored visions – vivid purples, eerie greens, and flaming oranges. They promptly forgot the previous year’s experience, making Halloween at Bertrand’s not just tradition, but a townwide amnesia regularly set into place.

But this year, as the oven’s eerie glow flickered off after baking, Bertrand polished his glasses, fixing them onto his crinkled eyes, and peered into the pitch-dark room only to be engulfed by the same bright visions. Surprised and amused, Bertrand chuckled to himself. “Oh drat, I forgot the Promise of Paradox! Whoever shan’t taste the magic of the bread should be its only viewer!”

And so, the town rejoiced at their eerie amnesiac Halloween tradition, while within the haunted bakery, Bertrand, the baker, became the lone spectator of the magic he himself had baked into existence.