The Ghostly Feast at Draugen Mansion

Once upon a crisp Halloween night, in the eerily silent town of Shadowsend, a trio of mischievous kids, Sam, Betty, and Max uncovered an ancient, timeworn map buried in the roots of the ancient oak in Burley’s Graveyard.

Undaunted yet thrilled, they followed the twisted path marked on the map, leading them to the town’s most dreaded landmark, the grim Draugen Mansion. Its towering silhouette wavered in the glow of the gibbous moon, chilling their bones. Betty, the bravest, initiated their daring incursion into the mansion, cobwebs teeming with time danced away to her steps.

Inside, they discovered a dazzling array of Halloween sweets and treats. Stacked in towers and overflowing from pots, it was the hoard of a lifetime! Laughing, they plunged their hands into the candy, only for it to vanish. Their laughter died, replaced with gasps of bewilderment. The sweets were ghost treats, untouched for centuries!

Then, a sudden, unexpected voice echoed, “Welcome to Draugen Mansion. Enjoy the feast!” On turning around, they were face to face with a transparent couple, grinning from ear to ear. The kids bolted, screaming into the night, leaving behind only echoes of laughter.

The couple looked after them, holding hands. “They never stay for dessert, dear,” said the ghostly lady with a sigh. “Well, maybe next year, love,” replied her husband, their laughter ringing through the deserted mansion.