The Witching Hour Hoax

Once upon a midnight dreary, in the little town of Weary, lived a peculiar pair, Mr. Creaky Bones and Mrs. Ghostly Moans. Their charming residence, the Spooky Hollow Mansion, was reputed for their famous annual Halloween party.

The strange duo loved Halloween – with cobweb decor, pumpkin lanterns and prankish games. This year, however, they decided to play a pre-apocalyptic joke on their guests. As dressed-up attendees arrived, the hosts opined about a witch’s curse that would turn everyone into their costume characters at midnight.

The clock struck twelve and… nothing happened. Guests laughed it off. “Just another trick!”, they chuckled. As the laughter dwindled, costumes began shifting. Suddenly, there were real witches, vampires and Frankensteins all around. Pandemonium ensued as partygoers realized the tale was no fable!

Amid the chaos, Mr. Creaky Bones and Mrs. Ghostly Moans laughed uproariously. Then, they clapped their hands thrice. As if by magic, the crowd returned to their human selves, albeit much confused. “Gotcha!” the pair cried, pointing to the big button marked “Special FX” on the wall.

All agreed it was the best Halloween prank ever. Or was it really just a prank after all? The next day’s newspaper read, “Town’s Halloween Party Turns Real? Strange occurrences reported!