The Grinning Mystery of Pumpernickel

The Grinning Mystery of Pumpernickel - A Halloween Short Story by
The Grinning Mystery of Pumpernickel – A Halloween Short Story by

Once upon a time, in the quiet town of Pumpernickel, Halloween was a hoot! Every year, the Fodder family’s pumpkin vase would grow the biggest jack-o’-lantern. Yet, there was always an eerie twist to their crop. Their pumpkins had a knack for developing into extraordinarily gruesome faces.

This year though, something was peculiar. Their prized pumpkin sprouted two days before Halloween and, surprisingly, bore a goofy, friendly face. The town was abuzz with whispers of the Fodder’s losing their spooky streak.

The sun set on Halloween, the moon danced with gley clouds as trick-or-treaters roamed the streets. Upon the Fodder’s porch, their pumpkin beaconed with its silly face. Suddenly, it began to shimmer and shake. With a POP! the homely features twisted into something horribly frightful.

Word spread, youngsters would approach, gather their treats, and dash, shrieking with delighted terror. The sight of their friendly horror, their terror-filled guffaws echoed through Pumpernickel, filling it with a spirit of joyously scary Halloween like none before.

But here’s the deal sealer, folks. The next morning, when the Fodder’s went to clean up, they realised, their pumpkin had mysteriously vanished! Leaving behind a small note that read, “See you next Halloween!”