“The Haunted Candy Exchange”

On a chilly Halloween night, young Billy couldn’t resist trick-or-treating at the house at the end of the lane. It was whispered to be haunted, and Billy, armed with his valiant spirit and pirate costume, was ready for an adventure.

Creeping up the creaky steps, he rang the rusty doorbell. Amidst the eerie silence, the door slowly creaked open revealing a spooky interior masked by layers of dust. Despite the flickering candlelight, Billy plunged ahead, his curiosity overpowering his fear.

As he delved deeper, a ghostly figure materialised, floating towards him. A wave of cold engulfed Billy making him shiver, and the silhouette began to speak in a haunting whisper, “You dare enter my domain…”

Terror gripped Billy, but courage did not abandon him. Trembling, Billy reached into his trick-or-treat bag and held out a shiny wrapped candy. The figure paused and slowly accepted it.

“Oh…” stunned words echoed, “I haven’t had candy in so….long” it sighed. Billy’s eyes nearly popped out as the ghost transformed into a jolly old man. “Thank you, lad. It’s been centuries since I enjoyed a piece of candy.” Planting a kiss on his forehead, the now human spirit evaporated, leaving behind an air of mystery and relief. For Billy, it was the most gratifying trick-or-treat ever.