Title: “The Haunted Mansion’s Halloween Trickery”

It was a blustery Halloween night. Ghosts and witches and vampires rushed down Elm Street, rattling their candy-filled sacks and cackling into the night. Among them was little Timmy, clad in his homemade superhero suit.

Lo and behold! He spotted the infamous Carter Mansion, the haunted house of the town. Here, whispered tales of a ghoulish mistress and her never-ending search for stolen treats were the hot topics of every Halloween fright-night.

But, Timmy, our nine-year-old ‘Superhero’, was different. He accepted the Mansion’s test; to retrieve a bag of vintage candy left untouched for 60 years.

Into the mansion he went, his heart beating in his chest. Moving shadows, creaking doors, strange whispers – Timmy trudged forward.

Finally, he spotted the Ancient Candy Bag glimmering under a flickering chandelier, he reached out, heart pounding – and, got it!

Out he bolted into the cold Halloween night, hailed as the first to pass the Candy Bag Test.

However, immediately, he realized these weren’t candies but, old rusted pennies. And the Ghoulish Mistress’ laugh rang out, “Happy Halloween, my brave little Timmy.”

That night, the superhero won, but over a bag of nothing but age-old, rusted pennies!