“The Haunted Mansion of Ghouls Hill: The Goblin’s Sugar Rush”

Sure, here’s the story:

Every Halloween, the folks of Creepsville took pride in their legendary haunted mansion high up on Ghouls Hill. This year, young Sam plucked up courage to enter.

Armed with just a tiny flashlight and candy corn, Sam ventured inside. As he explored, the mansion creaked and groaned, while shadows seemed to dance on the walls.

Suddenly, he heard a blood-curdling shriek! He raced down a long corridor, each footfall echoing around him. His heartbeat pounded in his ears.

Finally, he reached the source of the scream. Sam steeled himself for the worst and turned his flashlight onto the dais, only to find… a group of goblins gorging themselves on Halloween sweets. And who was shrieking? The smallest goblin choking on a candy corn, Sam’s favorite!

Sam had boasted about pirates and aliens, but never goblins! He offered the goblin a warning about hard candy, then made his bold exit, leaving the goblins to their sugary feast.

That year, Sam conquered the mansion. But nobody believed his story about a goblin choking on candy. After all, who fears goblins on Halloween night? They seemed to only be scared of… candy corn!