Title: “**The Tarantula Toffee Surprise**”

On a chilly Halloween night, under an inky, star-studded sky, Mrs. Haggard was preparing her infamous ‘Tarantula Toffee Apples’. With her oversized glasses perched droopily on her wrinkled nose, she busied herself, stirring a cauldron crammed with sticky crimson toffee.

She had a twinkle in her eye, for unknown to the trick-or-treaters, each toffee apple had a teeny, tiny spider hidden inside; nothing venomous, just a small harmless house spider. The look on the children’s faces when they bit into her ‘surprise’ was the highlight of her Halloween.

On this particular year, as she stirred her cauldron, a real tarantula from her exotic pet collection managed to creep into her pot of bubbling toffee. Unaware of the eight-legged intruder within the mix, she coated the apples just as the eager kids approached her door.

One brave soul took a bite, but instead of being horrified as expected, he exclaimed in delight, “Wow, Mrs. Haggard, this is your best yet!” He held out the apple, revealing the tarantula embedded within, made entirely out of toffee!

With a surprised chuckle, Mrs. Haggard thought, “Well, perhaps real tarantulas are my secret ingredient after all!”