The Haunting Hijinks: A Prankster’s Halloween Tale

Once upon a time, in a not-so-faraway town of Brightown, there lived a prankster boy named Billy. Billy loved one holiday above all, Halloween. On this night, he’d dress up, often as a ghost, to scare the town’s folks.

One Halloween, Billy decided to level up his pranks. He visited the town’s notorious haunted house, a last-resort for his mischief. With a white sheet over his head, he stuck his tongue out at passersby, only to gift them the surprise of their lives.

Later that night, an unexpected gush of wind blew his sheet away, revealing his true identity. Embarrassed and defeated, not to mention cold, Billy decided to head home.

While packing up, he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was a real ghost, amused by Billy’s antics. “Would you want to actually scare people next time?” the spirit asked, holding out a book titled, ‘Prankster’s Guide to Successful Haunting.

Billy’s eyes grew wide, but before he could respond, the ghost vanished, leaving him with an eerily glowing guide. “Who said the ghost can’t be the host?” chuckled Billy, foreseeing his legendary Halloween pranks in Brightown!