Whisked Away in Sleepy Hollow: The Sugarplum Surprise

Once upon a time, in the quaint neighborhood of Sleepy Hollow, sat a derelict mansion. Locals claimed it was haunted by an old Witch named Bertha. Every Halloween, despite her spooky reputation, children would dare each other to step on the cracked porch and ring the rusty doorbell for a dare.

This year, young Tommy mustered the courage. With his heart pounding like a wild drum, he rang the dilapidated doorbell that echoed loudly through the mansion. He waited with bated breath, ready to bolt at the sight of Witch Bertha.

Much to his surprise, the door creaked open revealing not a toothless old hag but a jolly lady. She had a tray full of the most indulgent candies any child could ever dream of, her eyes twinkling like the brightest stars.

“Trick or Treat?” Tommy asked in a tremulous voice. “Treat, dear boy! Always a treat!” the lady replied, handing over a large bag of candies. Shocked and elated, Tommy dashed away, not believing his own story.

And that’s the twist, dear readers, for it turned out that our ‘Witch Bertha’ was, in fact, a candy factory heiress, Ms. Sugarplum. The haunt of Sleepy Hollow was, indeed, the sweetest haunt of all!