“The Haunting of Elm Street: A Spooky Trick or Treat”

Once upon a moony Halloween night, in the quiet town of Greengloops, little Billy, dressed as an astronaut, eagerly knocked on the door of the last house on Elm Street. It was known as the ‘Haunted Habitation’. Despite his friends’ warnings, the allure of that big, juicy candy bar was simply irresistible.

“Trick or Treat!”, he hollered, his moon-boots clanking on the cobble-stones. Ignoring the goosebumps prickling his skin, he shifted his glance between the unlit windows and immense candy bar held by the cloaked figure in the doorway. A choice had to be made.

With a gulp, Billy reached forth to grab the candy. But, as his hand touched the wrapped goodness, the figure’s cloak dropped, revealing nothing but an old, wooden coat hanger. His candy…vanished!

Billy blinked in disbelief, then gasped as he heard a rustling sound behind him. Slowly turning around, he spotted wrappers… on a bush. His candy bar was impaled on a branch, unwrapped, but untouched!

“A trick for a treat indeed!” Billy chuckled, grabbing his bar and strolling back, unscathed, under the moonlit sky. That Halloween, he’d learned that hauntings on Elm Street were nothing but sweet illusions!

The End.