Title: “The Mansion’s Trick or Treat Treasure”

On a chilly Halloween night, a group of mischievous children ventured into a decrepit, seemingly haunted house right at sunset. Their hearts pounded in unison, partly from nerves and partly from the thrill of the unknown. Little did they know their Tomfoolery would be far from routine.

The door creaked eerily as they entered, greeted by the musky scent of forgotten time. Shadows flitted around as the wind caused the cracked windows to howl, amplifying their fears.

Upon reaching a rusty old door that groaned with neglect, they found an ancient treasure chest. Breathless with anticipation, they pried it open, revealing a pile of dazzling gold. The sight was beyond anything they’d ever fantasized.

Laughing in excitement, they each grabbed a handful, only to shriek in horror as the gold started to shape-shift in their palms. Even before they could react, the gold morphed into chocolate bars engraved with the words, ‘Trick or Treat’!

They bolted from the house, chocolate bars dropping in their tracks, and that, my friends, is the ultimate trick of Halloween. For a moment, a creepy mansion created more joy than fear, turning golden expectations into chocolatey delights!