“The Haunting Pies of Screamville”

Once upon a time, in a little town known as Screamville, lived a sweet old lady named Granny Smith. Every Halloween, she’d bake pumpkin pies for all the children in town.

This year, however, a rumor circulated that Granny had discovered a recipe for immortality, and had would use it in the pie. The secret ingredient? A single hair from a ghost’s head. Intrigue hovered over Screamville like a dense fog.

Halloween night arrived, and pie after pie was devoured by the townsfolk, their eyes filled with anticipation. Nothing unusual happened. People were just incredibly full and slightly disappointed.

The following year, as Halloween approached, the children noticed something strange – they hadn’t aged a day since the last Halloween. Excitement filled the air, but the adults, horrified, turned to Granny Smith for answers. She chuckled and admitted the truth, she did use a ghost’s hair in the pie but amazingly she confessed, “The secret ingredient wasn’t for immortality, my dears. Ghosts don’t age, remember? My secret ingredient was just for… eternal youth!”

And that’s how Screamville became the town with the youngest and happiest folk but with the oldest and wisest hearts.