Trick or Treat at Miller House

It was Halloween night, an orange moon sitting joyfully in the sky, overseeing a town teeming with tiny ghouls and oversized goblins. The old, cobweb-ridden Miller House stood staunchly at the end of Hickory Lane, its dark windows staring fearfully at all who dared to cross its path.

Little Nathan, a tenacious pumpkin-shouldered knight, yearned for adventure. Despite the unnerving whispers, he decided to brave the challenge of the Miller House- famous in folklore for its ghoulish inhabitant.

Walking through the creaky entrance, he felt a chill slicing through his courage, biting into his resolve. A ghostly figure flickered into existence, moaning its sorrowful tale into Nathan’s startled ears.

Tears trickling down his face like frightened raindrops, Nathan meekly offered his candy bag to the ghost, his trembling words echoing through the dusty walls, “let’s make a treaty Treat for a trick!”

In a ghostly blink, Halloween treats floated mid-air, filling the room with a kaleidoscope of colors. With a spine-tingling giggle, the ghost revelled in a candy-induced ecstasy.

As Nathan tottered out, he had a sneaking feeling that the old ghost was just a lonely spirit – conniving only for candy bars!