The Legend of Old Lady Ross: A Haunting Halloween Surprise

On peculiar All Hallow's Eve, in between whispers of ghostly tales, a legendary small town nestled on the edge of the woods stirred with whispers of the fabled 'Ghost of Old Lady Ross'.

Old Lady Ross was our neighbor, who flew into fits of fury upon the mere mention of Halloween. Every year on October 31st, compelling tales of her ghost making candy disappear started floating around. A charismatic specter, some said, while others swore they had spotted her glowing green eyes peering from her cabin windows late into the night.

As the pumpkin clock struck midnight, we kids heartily teamed up, adrenaline pulsing through our veins. Armed with pillowcases for candy, a flashlight, and peppermints for protection from evil spirits, we trooped to her ominous abode.

Upon cautiously stepping over the creaking threshold, we found the living room bare but for... bowls of candy! And then, thundering laughter echoed through the room. It was Old Lady Ross, alive and well, disguised as her own ghost to scare us off every year!

With a wink, she filled up our pillowcases with candies and chuckled, "Happy Halloween, you brave lot!" Indeed, it was the 'sweetest' ghost story we ever lived.