“The Wicked Pumpkin’s Midnight Munchies”

On a cool and crispy Halloween, young Oliver crafted a monstrous pumpkin. It was no ordinary gourd—it had a wicked grin and eyes that sat anxiously, awaiting midnight shenanigans. Not knowing the pumpkin would come to life, Oliver patted it fondly and went to bed.

As midnight struck, however, the house heard an earth shaking “Ghrrroowwl!”. Oliver’s pumpkin had awakened. It sprouted limbs, towering tall as the house. Nearby, neighborhood pets whimpered in fright, but the pumpkin seemed focused on one thing: candy! It lumbered towards the store, causing cracks in the pavement and toppling over the odd tree.

Darting out of bed, Oliver saw his creation and muttered a surprised, “Oh, fudge!” He discovered the pumpkin, now a towering creature, wreaking havoc on Main Street. “I have to stop him!” Oliver bravely decided. Armed with a leftover candy bar, he sprinted towards the giant. Once he was close enough, he tossed the candy into its mouth, hoping to satiate the beast. The pumpkin stopped instantly, delighted by the sweet treat.

And so, Oliver realized the secret to taming the beast – candy – a trick for a treat! The town celebrated their strange Halloween night while Oliver quietly decided never to carve pumpkins again, but instead, to eat candy!